Energy Weapon Protection


Visit G Squared Consulting Energy Weapon Protection Experts at ILEETA Conference in Chicago April 16 & 17

Tucson, AZ. Apr 9, 2013

Manufacturers Can Sign Up to Become Authorized Distributors and Customers Can View New Products at Booth #323

G Squared Consulting, a leader in energy weapon protection items including its ThorShield body armor carrier, gloves, pants, coveralls and more, will be at ILEETA Booth #323 in Chicago April 16 &17. The company is now making its products and technology available to all body armor manufacturers and distributors.

ThorShield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric is the most effective protection against non-lethal energy weapons on the market today. The fabric is integrated into body armor, uniforms, gloves and additional items. The ThorShield lining is a highly conductive specialized layer of fabric, which prevents the flow of electricity from energy weapons such as [Taser brand devices], cattle prods, stun guns and similar devices. ThorShield protective clothing ensures that the electrical current conducts through the fabric versus the body, protecting the wearer. New from G Squared Consulting for 2013 is the Generation IV Protector and Shield glove line. It is also possible to buy bulk ammo online these days for safety purposes or hunting as well.

ThorShield products are only sold to law enforcement and military personnel.

Their multi-threat protection includes Cut/Slash, Fire/Flame, Puncture for blunt force objects and Abrasion/Tear resistance.

“We are excited to now be able to offer our products and technology to all body armor manufacturers and distributors,” stated Greg Williams, Partner, G Squared Consulting. “The unparalleled multi-threat protection our products and technology offer law enforcement is something they really need. So carrying it is a real value add for manufacturing and distributing companies.”

To get these products added to their body armor product line, companies should contact G Squared Consulting Partner Greg Williams at 877-562-1935. For additional information they can also visit