Energy Weapon Protection


About Us

Company profile

G-Squared was created in 2006 to begin this journey of building the best products for the world. Our commitment and focus is to provide products for law enforcement and military personnel.

We are based in Arizona and we have created global partner relationships to design, develop and manufacture our leading edge products. Our growth strategy is simply to serve the men and women who protect us each day. A number of our innovations come from discussion and help from our customers. They are in the best position to identify the challenges that they face each day. We specifically work with them to listen and develop solutions that will be beneficial to them.

Our vision

To protect and serve the law enforcement and military community as a voice and channel for products designed by and for them.

To build a global company that focuses on the needs of our most valuable worldly treasure “People”. There is a growing need to protect against a number of different types energy such as electromagnetic, kinetic and thermal based energy. We continually design, develop and manufacture our products to meet these needs.