Energy Weapon Protection


G Squared Consulting Offers Law Enforcement Unparalleled Multi-Threat Protection From Growing Civilian Stun Gun and TASER Brand Device Ownership

Tucson, AZ. Mar 19, 2013

G Squared Consulting, a leader in energy protection items including it’s Thorshield body armor, gloves, pants, overalls and more, is offering unparalleled multi-threat protection for law enforcement in the face of growing civilian stun gun and [Taser brand device] ownership. The multi-threat protection includes Cut/Slash, Fire/Flame, Puncture for blunt force objects and Abrasion/Tear resistance.

“With the stronger stun guns and the civilian-oriented [Taser brand devices] now on the market, such as the C2, X26C and the new [Taser brand device] X3 Home Defender, whose ‘Semi-Automatic’ mode allows users to strike and incapacitate up to three people without reloading, law enforcement needs to be protected from this emerging threat,” stated Greg Williams, Partner, G Squared Consulting. For additional information please visit

For example, in addition to the ability to engage multiple targets, the [Taser brand device] X3 HD has a high capacity battery, displays a warning arc while loaded and utilizes a Dual Laser System, which is touted to improve a shooter’s accuracy. All of which makes it a more formidable weapon than past or other [Taser brand devices].

Reports of police being Tased fall into a number of categories and include:

G Squared Consulting exclusively offers its Thorshield protective clothing for law enforcement, offering them safety from someone wielding a stun gun or [Taser brand device]. The Thorshield lining is a highly conductive specialized layer of fabric, which prevents the flow of electricity from energy weapons such as [Taser brand devices], cattle prods, stun guns and similar devices. Thorshield protective clothing ensures that the electrical current conducts through the fabric versus the body, protecting the wearer. Thorshield products are only sold to law enforcement and military personnel.

“G Squared Consulting is excited about providing our outstanding line of cutting edge multi-threat energy protection items, including our Thorshield apparel, to law enforcement,” stated Williams. “With more and more stuns guns and [Taser brand devices] in the hands of the civilian population, as well as the ever present risk of an officer having their [Taser brand device] used against them, we know that we are offering valuable products.”

Thorshield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric is the most effective protection against non-lethal energy weapons on the market today. The fabric is integrated into body armor, uniforms, gloves and additional items.

New for 2013 is the Generation IV Protector and Shield glove line.