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As Stun Gun and TASER Brand Device Civilian Ownership and Abuse Grows, Dangerous Misconceptions Endure

Tucson, AZ. Oct 9, 2013

Thorshield Body Armor, Gloves, Pants, Overalls and More Offer Unparalleled [TASER Brand Device] and Stun Gun Protection for Law Enforcement

Just a quick search of the Internet results in almost limitless examples of [TASER brand device] and stun gun abuse. And as [TASER brand device] and stun gun ownership and abuse grows, common and dangerous misconceptions endure.
“Law enforcement needs to be protected from this emerging, and often misunderstood, threat,” stated Greg Williams, Partner, G Squared Consulting. “Luckily our Thorshield products can provide such protection. Thorshield is the only product sold in the form of clothing, body armor and accessories, such as uniforms and gloves, that can protect one from the effects of a [TASER brand device].” Thorshield products are only sold to law enforcement and military personnel.
Examples of [TASER brand device] and stun gun misconceptions are extensive. Below are three:

Misconception #1:

[TASER brand devices] are not being used is crimes. WRONG.
As examples:
– Two suspects are currently wanted in a string of violent robberies in Philadelphia in which they used a [TASER brand device] on their victims:
– Similar attacks with TASER devices recently took place in Washington, D.C:

Misconception #2:

[TASER brans devices] and stun guns have not harmed law enforcement. WRONG.
As examples:
– A Billings, MT sheriff’s deputy broke both his arms during a training session in which he was hit by a [TASER brand device]:
– A Eugene police officer who was zapped by his own [TASER brand device] during a scuffle with an allegedly drunk and combative man:

Misconception #3:

Standard vests and uniforms protect police from [TASER brand devices]. WRONG.
As an example, this video clearly demonstrates that standard police and law enforcement clothing does not protect from [TASER brand devices] — but that Thorshield products do:

Thorshield body armor, gloves, pants, overalls and more, offers unparalleled multi-threat protection for law enforcement in the face of such growing civilian stun gun and [TASER brand devices] ownership. The multi-threat protection includes Cut/Slash, Fire/Flame, puncture for blunt force objects and Abrasion/Tear resistance.

G Squared Consulting
Greg Williams