Energy Weapon Protection


As Stun Gun and TASER Brand Device Civilian Ownership and Abuse Grows, Dangerous Misconceptions Endure

Tucson, AZ. Oct 9, 2013 Thorshield Body Armor, Gloves, Pants, Overalls and More Offer Unparalleled [TASER Brand Device] and Stun Gun Protection for Law Enforcement Just a quick search of the Internet results in almost limitless examples of [TASER brand device] and stun gun abuse. And as [TASER brand device] and stun gun ownership and abuse grows, common and dangerous misconceptions endure....

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G Squared Consulting Offers Law Enforcement Unparalleled Multi-Threat Protection From Growing Civilian Stun Gun and TASER Brand Device Ownership

Tucson, AZ. Mar 19, 2013 G Squared Consulting, a leader in energy protection items including it’s Thorshield body armor, gloves, pants, overalls and more, is offering unparalleled multi-threat protection for law enforcement in the face of growing civilian stun gun and [Taser brand device] ownership. The multi-threat protection includes Cut/Slash, Fire/Flame, Puncture for blunt force...

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Visit G Squared Consulting Energy Weapon Protection Experts at ILEETA Conference in Chicago April 16 & 17

Tucson, AZ. Apr 9, 2013 Manufacturers Can Sign Up to Become Authorized Distributors and Customers Can View New Products at Booth #323 G Squared Consulting, a leader in energy weapon protection items including its ThorShield body armor carrier, gloves, pants, coveralls and more, will be at ILEETA Booth #323 in Chicago April 16 &17. The company is now making its products and technology...

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